Camiguin Island – Ultimate Travel Guide

Camiguin Island in the Philippines is the perfect place to visit if you crave unspoiled white sand beaches surrounding stunning hidden natural beauty spots. Clear turquoise water, and majestic palm trees are essential for a tropical island paradise, and Camiguin has these in abundance.

Imagine a location where you are able to take relaxing strolls on the beach and explore, ideal destination, both for adventurers and those searching for peace and quiet.

Camiguin is one of the slightly lesser know islands in the region, this comes with the benefit of not being overrun with fellow paradise-hunters.

It is found about 6 miles north of Mindanao and has an area of just under 100 square miles.

Among the population of 90,000, English is spoken all over the island, making communication with the locals easy and planning excursions a breeze.

Does this sound like the perfect place for your next trip? Keep reading to learn more!

What to do on Camiguin Island

One thing is for sure, you wont run out of thins to do on Camiguin Island!

For those able to drag themselves away from the perfect beaches, this island offers a huge array of activities and beauty spots for adventurers to sink their teeth into.

Climbing Mt Hibok-Hibok

For those who don’t mind a fairly substantial walk, climbing this mountain provides a fantastic challenge with a breathtaking view as a reward for reaching the summit.

Doing this climb as part of a small tour group is the recommended way of climbing Mt Hibok-Hibok, as a guide with knowledge of the terrain is useful. The local tourist office will be able to point you to a suitable guide.

The whole trek will take you approximately 4-5 hours, so it is a good idea to bring a rucksack with enough to drink for the day, and comfortable shoes are a must.

Personally, i would suggest starting as early as possible to avoid ascending during the hottest part of the day.

During the climb, you will come across the tranquil crater lake. Feel free to take a dip to break up the walk, the water is clean and refreshing and will set you up well for the remainder of the walk.

Giant Clam Sanctuary

If you’re a curious about the local wildlife, then the Giant Clam Sanctuary might just be perfect.

Home to numerous species of clam, the opportunity to get in the water and see these fascinating animals up close in their natural habitat is not one to be missed.

You can easily spend an entire day in the sanctuary, the staff are incredibly knowledgeable and offer amazing snorkel tours to see a whole host of sea creatures (not only clams!).

Many people who visit would agree, no visit to Camiguin is complete without a visit to the Giant Clam Sanctuary. So make sure you check it off your list on your vacation!

Sunken Cemetery

For those who are eager to learn about local history, this place is a must visit!

The graveyard of the old capital of Camiguin has slowly descended into the ocean over centuries. During low tide the gravestones are visible, and trips out to them provide a powerful and memorable experience.

Following an eruption of the nearby Mount Vulcan, a large cross was erected upon the now solid lava deposit to mark the spot.

If you opt to join a guided tour of the site, you will be provided with snorkeling equipment and brought to the cemetery by boat. Then you are free to swim alongside your guide among the gravestones and the phenomenal local oceanic wildlife. If you are lucky you may be joined by a sea turtle or two!

Binangawan Falls

Just tucked away a short walk though a bit of jungle, is a scene of absolute perfection.

Who doesn’t love a waterfall? And this is one of the most idyllic you are likely to come across.

This is by no means the easiest place to find, but that just means its very unlikely to be swarming with fellow tourists.

If you’d like to take a refreshing dip in the magical water, feel free, it’s not an experience you are likely to forget.

Camiguin Hotels and Accommodation

We all know that the quality of your hotel has a huge baring on how much you enjoy your trip.

Camiguin Island has many great hotels to pick from.

Bintana Sa Paraiso

At the base of Mt. Hibok-Hibok (mentioned above), you will find Bintana Sa Paraiso, a wonderful modern hotel with one of the best sunset views.

The rooms have excellent facilities, with air conditioning and extra long beds.

Arguably the best feature this hotel has to offer is the stunning infinity pool overlooking the private beach.

The price too will be a pleasant surprise, we highly recommend you give this one a go!

Camiguin Volcan Beach Eco Retreat & Dive Resort

For those operating on a smaller budget, this is a great option.

It has everything you’d come to expect a budget hotel to have and much more.

The food in particular is regarded very highly by those lucky enough to visit, with a wide range of cuisines available (both local and international).

As the name suggests, the diving facilities here are great too, with knowledgeable instructors offering courses at a surprisingly low price.

Balai sa Baibai

With a name which translates to “house by the beach” you have a good idea what to expect with this one!

Featuring two large pools, a plunge pool and a private beach you and your fellow guests will not want to leave at the end of your stay!

Not having an on-site restaurant, is actually a positive in this case, with the hotel offering menus provided by local food establishments which deliver to the hotel. This means you have a massive selection of types of food to try.

Best RestaurantsĀ on Camiguin Island

Camiguin is home to some amazing places to eat, boasting restaurants suited to all tastes.

Little Bridges Taberna Ramada

This quaint little eatery, offers high quality local dishes along side a wide range of international offerings. Even the pickiest eaters will not struggle to find a dish which takes their fancy.

Little bridges features a garden full of tropical plant species, giving it a wonderful peaceful atmosphere to enjoy the food with your loved ones.

Fantastic meals at a great price, what more could you ask for?

Lagoon Bistro

If you are someone who wants to experience the local cuisine in all its glory, look no further than Lagoon Bistro.

Seafood is their specialty, with fish being sourced a stone’s throw from the restaurant. You wont find fresher food anywhere in the world.

The seating area looks over the lagoon, giving this establishment a great tranquil feel.

Casa Roca Inn

This seafront restaurant offers breakfast, lunch and dinner options with the most phenomenal sea view.

They offer dishes from all corners of the globe, in great sized portions, you certainly wont leave here hungry!

The legendary Casa Roca breakfast is highly regarded by all in the know, perfect to fuel you for the day’s upcoming adventures.

Live music is also common here providing great ambiance without detracting from the tranquility of the scenery.

Best time of year to visit Camiguin Island

In the Philippines, the summer months are considered to by between November and April, with temperatures reaching in excess of 32Ā°C .

May is the most common month for tourists to visit, so if your looking to avoid large crowds of fellow adventurers, I’d suggest looking at earlier in the year.

Avoiding the wet season (June to October) is also something I would recommend, with lots of rainfall and typhoons possible in this time.


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